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  • Green power Hosting
  • Energy Efficient Infrastructure
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL Database
  • cPanel Control Panel

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AppliedHost is Green

AppliedHost servers utilize energy from the national grid same as all web hosting company.

We must utilize energy from the national grid to be certain that we have a continuous power for our servers and to make sure that they would not be interrupted by lack of power..

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Hosting with AppliedHost

Blog Hosting
Appliedhost has been a recommended hosting provider for blog hosting. Every account on Appliedhost is equipped with all useful scripts like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and many more which well be ready within few clicks. Your account is also contains clicks installation of other open source software which include ZenCart, StatusNet, PrestaShop and more! These open source software are higher quality products with more customization and at Appliedhost, they are free. More over AppliedHost is best choice for wordpress hosting

Website Builders
AppliedHost is providing free website builder to its clients which makes you a lot easier to design and develop your website with thousands of web templates, use software such as Rvsitebuilder, Trendy Site Builder, or to take option of CMS with Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Appliedhost customers are also enjoying user-friendly and reliable email services. 's website hosting accounts also come with reliable, easy-to-use email accounts. You can configure your domain name unique email addresses that can be used with an email client on you computer such as Thunderbird and Outlook Express. If you donít want to setup email software no worries Appliedhost provide you cloud base email server for your need. Appliedhost also offers anti-SPAM software, mail forwarding, and mailing lists.

CGI and Databases
An Appliedhost account comes with unlimited space for unlimited number of databases. To manage this huge volume of database we also provide tools for helping you to manage your MySQL and PostgreSQL databases such as phpMyAdmin.

Scripts for Website
Appliedhost also provides you user-friendly websie scripts on Softculcus which makes you to install your desired script simply and quickly. These scripts collections includes Blogs, content management, client management, e-commerce, business tools, forums, education, guestbooks, help centers, RSS, mailing lists, and other useful scripts which makes your website professional.

Appliedhost not only best for blog hosting but each account on Appliedhost is also equipped with E-Commerce tools, now you can host your E-Commerce website and start selling products or services using well-known online shopping cart software such as Zen Cart, CubeCart, Magento, osCommerce, and many more.

Customer Care Service
Appliedhost offer its website hosting customers with IntensiveCare customer service. Our staffs are friendly, dedicated and highly trained and will be happy to take care all of your questions and enquiries. We provide all three means of customer care services that is 24/7 toll free phone support, 24/7 online chat and through email.